The Space

Tonight you were distant.
I’m not sure why.
Was it something I said?
Was it something I did…
…or didn’t do?

I could feel the space between us.
It was wide and incredibly deep.
How do I tell you that it grieved me so much?
Something was wrong,
yet I struggled to find the words.

I’m searching for the bridge
to meet you again
like so many times before.
It has dissolved into the thick fog
and I cannot make my way

to tell you

that I miss you,
I need you.
Perhaps I have not said it enough,
you are a treasure to me,
a precious gift
I was blessed to receive
at just the right time.

I pray I will find the courage
in due time to share my heart
so that the God we both love
will connect our hearts once again
my dear friend.

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