God Works ALL Things For My Good

Today has been challenging at times, but I chose to allow God to lead me where He wanted to go, at least for the most part. Sometimes it didn’t go well because I was afraid to trust Him.


There were other moments when I realized that going my own way was not working. As I followed His gentle reminders to step back and allow Him to work, doors opened that may have remained shut because I chose to wait on Him to move. There wasn’t anything I could do. It would only happen because He was the One who could make it happen. And the best part was I got to experience His faithfulness in the moment, right before my eyes.

I was the only one who could make band rehearsal this afternoon and frustrated because of how it came to be. I chose to make the most of the time I had, not only to practice, but to be present in His presence, giving Him all my passion and love. As I sang, as I played before my beautiful King, those frustrations seemed to just melt away. A spontaneous thought came to me to go visit another congregation of believers near and dear to me since I could end the rehearsal earlier now. It was then that I knew these last minute changes were not meant to frustrate me. They turned out to be an incredible gift from my King. He knew that I needed to go and receive an incredible word and oh how I was blessed! I went not knowing just how much I was in need of hearing Him say “give to Me all of you, every part; pursue Me in this life; receive whatever I want to give you.”

All day He was reminding me of Who He wants to be for me. He was challenging me to believe, to trust that He is greater, that He IS more than I could ever need in this life.

He said:

Am I not powerful enough to cover and protect you wherever you go?
There is no one greater than Me and because I am in you, I go before you, beside you, behind you. I am right here, next to you, walking with you, holding you up. You are My precious child and I am your Safe Refuge, your Hiding Place.

Will I not fulfill My promises to you?
They may not look like what you expect, but they are exactly what I want to give you when the time is right, when My time is best for you.

Am I not able to provide what you need in each and every situation?
I will supply everything you require. I AM all that you need. Don’t you forget it, ever!

Am I not able to move the hearts of those you are concerned about?
I AM. Watch, wait for Me to move at just the right time. Don’t doubt that I am working ALL these things for your good AND for theirs. I am Omniscient. I know when they will be ready to receive My love, My grace, My direction for their lives. So stay right where you are and let Me work because I AM the One who can work it out in the very best way. Nothing is impossible for Me. Trust Me, even when it seems that things are falling apart around you. Remember, I AM always here with you and never leave you. No, not ever.

He is. He is I AM. YAHWEH. He is powerful. He is faithful to do what He says He will do. He is more than able, able to move mountains for me, able to take out the giants who taunt me and try to defeat me with their destructive words. He provides, Jehovah Jireh. He is mighty to do ALL that He wants. There is NOTHING, No Thing that He cannot do. He is working it out, ALL things for me, to be able to receive His best and He knows just what I need in this moment, at this time in my life.

What a glorious thought that You, dearest Savior, would tend to my concerns and care for the burdens on my heart. They are important to You just like my feelings and frustrations are known by You because I am made in Your image, in Your likeness. So You feel what I feel and You care about those things that are important to me. Who is like You, oh Lord? No one in all the world. Thank You for Your love towards me. I am in awe of how You care for this dear one. Gracias mío Dios.

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