A Gift From the King

Tonight I was reading a post on Facebook from someone asking for prayer for a car and I thought it was a good time to blog about how God provided that for me recently. He gave me more than I imagined I even needed and I still marvel at how it happened.

In April I had to take my Ford Escort into the auto shop for yet another repair. It was spring break so it was a good time to get the work done. Over the past three years I have spent at least $5000 to maintain my car, which at first was not a negative thing because for the most part my car had run well and been faithful to keep me on the move. I bought it thirteen years ago with 40,000 miles and only one owner before me. It lasted a long time and I believe that was because of the faithfulness of God to take care of my needs. However by this time the repair costs were beginning to add up.

It wasn’t a big bill, but then it wasn’t running well after I picked it up from the mechanic’s shop and I was growing concerned. I decided to accept the offer of assistance from one of my brothers-in-law to see if I could save some money on repairs, but that’s when it turned south and things began to go from bad to worse. If it wasn’t one thing, it was something else. I was just so frustrated with all the time and money I had spent, yet I felt stuck with the car as if I had no other options.

At this time I was also in the process of reducing my teaching hours for the coming school year because I’d felt led by God to do that. I stepped out in faith trusting that whatever my needs were, they would be taken care of, but now I was starting to wonder if I had done the right thing. But it was all settling into place in a way that confirmed I was following the Lord’s direction.

And I certainly didn’t think that I could afford a car payment, much less even qualify for a car loan. I figured that the only thing to do was to keep taking it to the auto repair shop until it was beyond repair. I knew that God would come through for me when that time came, I just didn’t realize how soon that would be.

The week I returned back to school after spring break my car quit working altogether. It had been running a bit rough, but I was getting around alright. I had gone to workout at the gym. When I went to start her up, it sounded bad. Real bad. And I knew I was stuck. My brother-in-law lived close and came to help me find a tow truck, get it to the shop and then took me home. I was also able to arrange a ride with one of my sisters to and from school for the next day.

It was now time to wait for the diagnosis. And that was hard. I waited two days to learn that it would cost almost $2000.00 to repair. At that point I was done and knew that I needed to move on, but I felt like I didn’t know what to do. What kind of car should I get? What could I afford to buy? My dad said he would help me out if I needed it. I was able to borrow the loaner car from the auto shop for several days so I could take some time to think about what I wanted in the way of another car.

I have always said that my next car had to have four doors, a fob so I didn’t have to walk around the car to open the door for anyone riding with me and a CD player. I also wanted something that was safe and economical. It had to last me a long time. I did consider leasing a car so that I wouldn’t incur a lot of repair bills and still have a nice vehicle to drive. That seemed logical and reasonable to me, but God wanted His dear daughter to have something better.

Someone in my day’s church heard about my need for another car and offered to let me borrow one of hers. She also had a connection at a dealership and felt I could get a great deal there if they had something I was interested in purchasing. She also had a sense that God wanted her to bless me this way. All around I had a great deal of peace and felt that this was the path to take.

A week later she called, excited to tell me that she had seen a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid on the dealer’s website and said I should check it out. I did and wasn’t excited about the color or the mileage, but I let her make the call to get more information. Well, it had already left the lot by the time we called, but it got me thinking about applying for a car loan. So I went online and asked for $10,000.00 because that seemed manageable for me considering I needed to find something soon.

Well, to my surprise I was approved and for a lot more than I asked for. Amazed at how this story was being written I decided to take a closer look at the cars on this dealer’s website just to see what my options were. I also got in touch with another friend whose husband sold cars for a living and he was also helpful in telling me where to look and who to avoid. I began thinking about purchasing a Huyndai.

One of my best friends had always raved about hers and I knew that her mom had driven a few. I looked on Craigslist to see what they were going for and wouldn’t you know that there weren’t any listed. Not even one! I know when I have looked before just to see what was available it was the same story. So I considered that perhaps this was a good car to check out.

God is so amazing! And the way He works in our lives blows my mind every time. There was a 2012 Huyndai Accent at this dealership where I had an opportunity to get a great deal on the price. Every time I looked at their website it was there. The reviews were great and it was economical by far. It had four doors, low miles, a CD player and the fob! I checked other places, but whenever I came back to their website, the Accent was always there.

The timing of this all seemed terribly wrong. Two months before the end of the school year is always hectic and busy. The reality was I had no time to research what kind of car would work best for me. I didn’t think I could afford it with changes in my job, but time is never an issue for God who proved Himself faithful once again.

He sent someone to lend me their car while I prayed and considered what I should do. That same person had a connection with a dealer which had just taken my new Huyndai Accent in on a trade the day before my Escort broke down (only I didn’t know that until the day I bought it). I had loan approval with an already awesome interest rate, but then qualified for an even lower rate while completing paperwork with the finance guy at the dealership. The car was there for almost three weeks and no one else bought it. It was meant for me and my Father in heaven knew exactly what I needed.

Just before I drove it off the lot, the sales rep connected my phone to the Bluetooth inside the car and I discovered I could listen to music from my iPhone through the stereo system. I was blown away. I didn’t even know to expect that with Bluetooth capability, but here my Father was looking out for me once again, wanting to shower His love on me because He delights in me.

I just came back from taking it on a road trip to visit Bethel Church in Redding, CA. What a nice ride my new car is to drive on road trips! And it was definitely a trip worth taking. God knew that I needed to go. He knew my need. He knew what I wanted and hoped for. He set me up for a step up to receive the wonderful blessings He has for me in this season of my life.

We are so easily discouraged and distracted by the concerns of our lives that we often forget the goodness of our Heavenly Father. But we have to keep our focus on what He’s done and the wonderful promises He offers to us, His beloved children:

Matthew 6:26-27 (NIV)
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

How many times do I forget, become fearful and doubt His goodness towards me when He always remains the same, showering me with loving kindness and mercies that limitless. Too many times I care to admit, but I am grateful for His reminders today that tell me keep praying no matter how dark and difficult my situation becomes, to talk about my blessings rather than my problems, to trust in the One who ransomed me from the curse of death just because He wants to be with me, because He loves me. He cherishes me and calls me His beloved daughter.

Psalm 8:4 (NASB)
What is man that You take thought of him, and the son of man that You care for him?


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