Why does God ask such hard questions when He already knows the answer?

That was a poignant question I read today and it made me consider all the times when He asks me to do things that I feel are far beyond my ability and desire. Most of the time I say “I don’t wanna do that Lord” or “How am I supposed to accomplish that? It’s too much for me right now. It’s too hard. It’s too messy.” (I wonder if my response ever makes Him rolls His eyes at me in exasperation.) Of course I’ll pray and ask for Him to change my heart so that I have the want to, but it seems like I’m dragging my heels most of the way until I finally relent and wave the white flag in surrender.

Moses made the excuse that he was not an eloquent speaker when God asked him to go to Pharaoh to ask for the release of his people. God gave him Aaron to speak for him. He didn’t let Moses get away with making the excuse “my heart’s just not into it.” He persisted and pursued and wouldn’t stop showing His faithfulness to walk with Moses through everything He called him to do. God also did some incredible things to persuade Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. He was going to move this mountain to bring His beloved children out of slavery and bondage.

What does that say about God’s character?

It says He wants more for us than we ever can realize is possible. He sees way more potential in us than we see in ourselves. He wants us to not be bound up in our minds and bodies, but free to respond out of our love for Him because He has done more for us than anyone ever could. He redeemed us from eternal damnation and gave us a life free of condemnation and shame.

His heart is revealing just how deeply He loves us this way. He says to take a step towards Him, put our hand in His and join in this dance, trusting that He will lead us in wherever He asks us to move. He will not allow us to fall. Like a faithful lover He will protect and cover.

He knows that I don’t necessarily know the “how” to accomplish what He is asking. He knows that I may not be the most skilled or talented person, but He knows me and wants to work in me and through me to show others that He will do the same for them because He loves us so much.

I think our spirits genuinely want to say “Yes, Lord! I’ll do whatever You ask of me!” As we study His character, think on what the bible says about God, we can become convinced that He is the Everlasting Father, able to do so much more than we can imagine or hope for for us. He can not fail. He won’t abandon us. His love is perfect and merciful. He doesn’t need us, but He wants us, even with all of our faults, imperfections and messiness.

Why would He accept me when I struggle to accept myself?

I’m not sure how to respond to that, but I am thankful for His perfect love that never ends. For His faithful love and mercy that is always available to me, even when I’m in a bad mood and find myself having a temper tantrum. He is my Father who knows best what I need and what I am capable of. So when He asks me to do something that I’m just not comfortable or even happy about doing I know that He must have an amazing plan in mind and when I am ready to put my hand in His so He can lead me, then great things are going to happen. The possibilities are endless.

Oh Daddy, help my heart to trust and believe in Your ways, to stand up and say “Yes” when You call me out to walk upon the waters, to believe that Your plans have meaning and purpose for me and those You have placed in my life. Help me to surrender because You are good and faithful and know what’s best for me. Help me to pursue You steadfastly and pour out my love on You. I want to be a sweet fragrance that will draw others to sit at Your feet in adoration of Your amazing love. Can I do that for You?

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