The Grace To Receive

It’s easy for me to put myself in the position of trying to change the shape of my body on my own. Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way. I figure that it’s my fault that I am in this struggle to undo the damage I’ve done to myself. After all, I weigh almost 250 pounds because I didn’t say no to the unhealthy foods I inhaled, right?

I find myself in the place of putting too much pressure on myself to perform at such a high standard, sometimes unreasonable. I heap that burden upon my shoulders, the shame of my poor choices and awareness that I’m imperfect, but it’s not mine to bear. The reality is my Heavenly Father knows my situation, intricately, every detail and He understands everything I’m going through, the things I face, whether it’s stress or anxiety, the busyness of life, what has shaped my decisions thus far. He simply wants me to put my hand in His because He knows that He is the only One who can help me walk this out, day by day, one moment at a time.

He’s also given me a vast support system of beautiful people who love me dearly. They are here for me to reach out to whenever I have a need. I confess that I don’t do this often enough, but I do recognize just how much I need to allow myself the grace to ask for help.

With man this may be possible, but with God nothing is impossible. I can do this because He lives in me, His power enables me to act on what I know is good and healthy and the best for me. He is the One who will be with me every step of the way and I will overcome this obstacle because of His merciful grace.


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