Word For The Day: HOPE

This morning as I was reading in my devotional, I sensed the message God wanted me to get was that I have hope. Of course, I was hopeful that I would have a great day at school, even though I wasn’t excited about going back. I was really enjoying my break and didn’t want it to end quite so soon. Alas, the end of the year is usually very busy with performances. Plus, finding ways to motivate the unmotivated, especially when you’re in that group makes for some challenging tasks. Needless to say, it was a day of learning experiences and I owe one of my classes an apology when I see them tomorrow. I was however pleasantly surprised by one student from my first class this morning who seemed to be happy to be back and was working harder than I’ve seen in long time. That was a redeeming moment that I didn’t expect. Thank You Jesus.

I was hopeful that the annoying problems with my car would be resolved today. I’m not sure that they are yet and I don’t know what to do now. If its not one thing, it seems like its another. I am so over this drama with my car and spending way too much to resolve all of its issues. I need to find the Car Whisperer.

I was hopeful that the decision to change my diet for the next two weeks so that I am eating mostly fruits, vegetables and nuts would take off without a hiccup. I couldn’t hardly get the plane off the ground without giving in to my Monday morning mocha with six pumps of peppermint and whip cream alongside a veggie breakfast burrito. Yum. But I did stick with it for the rest of the day, had a lot of energy for spin class tonight and feel great about where I’m heading.

I think that my misstep at the beginning of the day was focusing on where I knew I was going to have challenges and wanted to rise above them. That’s all that I was focused on at first, but I now recognize that my focus should be the reminder of why I already have a great deal of hope.

“Who is a God like You, Who forgives the wrong that I do and washes away the memories of my blunderous choices? He does not hold my actions against me because He longs to show mercy and compassion.”
Micah 7:18 (Elaina’s version)

I am so grateful that I have this hope. The hope that nothing I do will change God’s love for me, no matter how badly I mess up. And that He doesn’t even want to bring it up again. He won’t take my mistakes from today and hold them over my head.

So why should I continue to hold them against myself if He won’t?

I need You to have this day my dear Savior, my Friend and all that took place. I want You to use it for Your glory at work in me so that others may see You, see Your love. Thank You Lord that I get to learn from my mistakes, try again tomorrow and grow some more as I cultivate this heart You’ve placed inside of me. I believe You are working all of these things out for my good and have been since before I was born. Help me to hide myself in You where I find rest. I love You Jesus.


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