A Display of Affection

Wow, Lord You amaze me. I don’t even know how to hold back these tears as I journal about my day. What incredible love I feel running down like a precious, fragrant oil You’ve poured over me.

Just in this moment alone You have shown Your faithfulness to provide for a need. I had no way of knowing how You planned to bring another person to assist the worship team I lead on Sunday mornings. But in less than a week three men from the congregation are coming in the morning to learn how to do sound and tech during the service. How did you do that so quickly? I am in awe and trust You will provide the very best.

You spoke to me about my need to stop complaining about my job and be thankful for what You have provided to meet my needs for this time in my life. Even though I often dread the potential struggles I know I may face each day because they might be uncomfortable, I know I can trust, believe and stand firmly on the truth that You are my source of strength and will supply an abundance of joy in the task of teaching each and every student who comes through my classroom.

I am reminded in a prayer request that came via text message this afternoon that I am not the only one who struggles with rising above defeat when I face disappointment in my personal life. And that to worship You is to overcome and find victory in the battle of my mind.

Even in my singleness You are reminding me that You have a plan and purpose for me. I can cry out to You in my loneliness and still declare You are sovereign in providing for me at just the right time. Today I felt You speak to me that I would see a specific man I know of, that some friends wanted me to meet awhile back. And I had dinner with them tonight. Wow! I was good. I stayed calm and true to who I am.

And the playlist from my iheart radio channel was speaking Your faithful love over and over with beautiful promises, truth of the woman You are calling me to become. Every word sunk deep into my heart, saturating my mind and restoring the joy that can only come from knowing You, Lord Jesus.

I am thankful for Your faithful, unfailing love for me, someone who is not deserving to be loved this way, yet I am considered worth every ounce of Your affection because You want me. You want to hold my hand and lead me through the life You’ve given me. You call me Your own, beloved, dear one. I am precious in Your sight. You know me through and through. Thank You dear Lord for Your amazing love that never runs out. Thank You for being the One who knows me best and knows exactly what I need, when I need it.

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