He’s Calling Me

I’m not sure where to begin exactly, but I know this blog is something God has been asking me to do for awhile now. A place where I can document the roads He asks me to journey along as I walk through this life.

I wish I could say that with every step I find success in growth, but honestly I feel like a lot of my growth has come from turning around, retracing my steps back to where He is lovingly and patiently waiting for me. He doesn’t judge or try to tell me why I shouldn’t have gone on ahead or moved forward without Him. He only says “I’m glad you’re here.” Then with such gentle strength He takes me by the hand and leads me on to the next milepost.
He is beckoning me moment by moment to run to His loving embrace when I am hurt, to see things as He sees them, to hear His tender voice remind me of the truth that I am His and He is mine.

So why do I so often turn the other way and ignore Him? Why am I so easily drawn away by things that I believe will satisfy my heart’s cry?

Because I am weak. Because I don’t truly live as if I believe that He is everything, all that I need in this life. In a moment I will say it, then quickly turn around and forget what I said.

Oh Lord, please help my unbelief. Forgive me for turning my back to You like an unfaithful lover. That’s not who I want to be. I know I am Your precious child, the one whom You love dearly. Open my eyes to see how great Your love is for me. Open my heart to receive it and all that You have for me. Give me the faith to believe that You are good and faithful to the end. And please, please, please do not ever stop pursuing me with Your redeeming love! I would be lost without You. My heart and all that I am is Yours!

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